All the tools You need to improve

We provide extra value through online training tools to help you understand the improvement process

Affordable monthly plans

Your coach will provide you with a custom improvement plan based on your game, goals and budget

Proven process for improvement

We have coach and played at the highest level. Eliminate the confusion with simple principles used by the worlds best.

custom plan for you

We love teaching beginners to professionals. Our game improvement system is tailored to age and ability level

After your first session, your coach will provide you with a customize lesson plan, which includes discounts for multiple session

Frequently asked questions

You have probably taken private lessons with video analysis and maybe even trackman. We do provide this service, but why most golfers do not improve is because they do not have an understanding of how to apply it on the golf course. Team training allows us the opportunity to share our experiences of playing and coaching at the highest level through skill development and performance strategies. We do this through coaching (not instructing) at Team Training practices. Each practice is strategically designed to fit the age and ability level of the group.

The traditional golf lesson model is 1-hour private lessons focused on golf swing technique. We believe in player development, which includes skill development (team training practices) and providing all the premium resources to ensure you reach your goals. Private lessons are included in most packages to ensure you are always refining your swing techniques – but that is only a part of the improvement process.

Yes, you do NOT have to be a member at Northgate CC. We do provide additional discounts to Northgate Members.

Coaches are available 7-days per week, with each coach having over 30 hours of available lesson spots open each week. You can book your lesson at a time that fits your schedule.

This is a more affordable option for most people. Golfers do not improve with one lesson or swing tip. We have done the research and golfers need 3-months minimum to improve their game to lower scores.

Consistency is key.  GPG is dedicated to growing the game by helping golfers get better. Our programs are laid out strategically in order to ensure golfers improve faster than other training styles. If you have a special case and cannot make your lessons before they expire, we will help you out (case by case)

If you are still unsure where to start send us an email

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